Last September I had the honor of being chosen by Jiajule Kitchen Technologies Co. Ltd as Advisor, to promote the comparison of ideas and methods with the Western world.

LEFT: the designers with the staff of the meeting
RIGHT: group photo with the staff of Jiajule
© Jiajule Kitchen Technologies Co. Ltd

Jiajule was born in 1994 in the Guangdong district and soon became one of the leading brands of high-end kitchens in China. With 12 branches, an export for over 160 countries, it has obtained more than 100 patents for its technological solutions and has won several awards of excellence.
The group founded a Jiajule Business School to prepare designers for the conception of its collection and a Design and Research Institute in Milan, to obtain international patents.

the Dongguan showroom
© Jiajule Kitchen Technologies Co. Ltd

To confirm its leadership role – and affirm a reality that is no longer just local – in 2019 Jiajule has completely restructured its company, giving new life to its brand.
A new staff, the design and production of new collections, a new showroom and a new website are therefore leading the way to wider aims, adapting more and more to the global market.
The design of traditional kitchens gives way to contemporary and rational proposals, the design references draw on western realities and they are given a further boost to technological improvement.

LEFT: the interview for the “Annual Distributor Conference” 2019-2020
RIGHT: lightboxes within the temporary spaces
© Jiajule Kitchen Technologies Co. Ltd

All right, let’s back up here: on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival (traditional festival, very appreciated by Chinese families) the Jiajule team organized a series of conferences and meetings open to the public between Dongguan and Shenzhen. Among showrooms and administrative offices, they encouraged the meeting of local designers of the company with three international designers: Shai Kunis (Canadian, who worked for years with Sidney Arper), Kan Min (from Foshan, studied/worked in Europe and collaborated with Samsung) and me.
In addition to commenting together the new proposals of the company, comparing them with the proposals currently present in the markets to which we belong, much attention has been given to the design methods of each of us. Not just as individual professionals, but as a spokesperson for one’s own culture and a different way of thinking about design.

For a year I will have the opportunity to confront myself with realities that are completely different from ours, to learn so much from one of the leading markets of the moment and to bring the two cultures closer, hoping for new interesting developments.

within the offices in Shenzhen
© Jiajule Kitchen Technologies Co. Ltd

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