Registered architect in Milan, Italy – born in Palermo, with a master’s degree in Architecture obtained with full marks in 2013. In 2014, after a collaboration with UArchitects studio in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, she moved in Milan – Italy, acknowledged center of contemporary design. She collaborated with noted firms focused on both architectural and product design research, including Fabio Novembre, Antonella Negri and Scandurra Studio.
She started her own studio in Milan in 2018, year in which she became Expert Evaluator for the European Commission and then for the Cypro Research Promotion Foundation, evaluating innovative projects in architecture, art and design.
In 2019/2020 Jiajule Kitchen Technology Co. Ltd (Guangdong, China) asks for a consultancy as external advisor.

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Every project is a new experience, a combination of several factors. Each one has its own identity. The aesthetic criterion arises from the analysis of the context, from the confrontation with the client.
There are no dogmas or styles: the needs and problems are answered in the best possible way. A quote from the famous Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri:

Rather, it is a question of giving more emphasis to research, rather than obeying fixed rules

It means that, only after a deep analysis solutions are developed and problems are solved with technic and aesthetic together.


The client is consulted and involved not only in the designing phase but also throughout the whole process.
Each technical and related to realization communication is transmitted and explained to the client, in a way to be able to understand and decide (costs, technical or aesthetic solutions).

A “participatory turnkey”, because you don’t have to worry about anything but at the same time you are not excluded from any choice. Problems can happen, the difference lies in the way of dealing with them.
The goal is always to find the best solution with the available budget.

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Design Interior Homes Magazine / De Community
june 2021 – selection of projects with Instagram publicaton

Lotte Chemical  / Staron Solid Surfaces by Samsung
feb 2020 – 2° prize for the design of a new sink with Staron material, “Tom Vac Sink”

Interni Magazine
feb 2020 – article about “Home in Valtournenche” and post about it in facebook

jan 2020 – selection of the project “Home in Valtournenche” for an article about kitchen/living

Huarenshejishi.comnov 2019 – interview for the collaboration with Jiajule Kitchen Technology Co. Ltd.

Futurs Durables / Futuri sostenibili / Futuros Sostenibles
apr /nov 2015 – participation with the project “Recycled Theater” at the traveling exhibit of L@bCity (Paris, Màlaga, Marseille, Agrigento, Palermo, Reggio Calabria, Bordeaux, Seville)

// last but not least; the clients’ feedbacks.