Architectural studio, specializing in interiors and product design.
The office offers design and technical consultancy services to privates and societies. From furniture design to construction supervision, entire renovation and requalification works are followed, collaborating with various professionals, companies and craftsmen.
Based in Milan, we also follow projects in the rest of Italy and abroad.
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Virginia Lorello is an architect, born in Palermo in 1988 and with a Master’s degree in 2013.
After two stages in Palermo, she worked in international offices such as UArchitects in Eindhoven (NL) and in Milan for Fabio Novembre, Antonella Negri and Scandurra Studio.

In 2018 she opened her own studio, becoming in the same year an external consultant for the European Commission, and in 2019 for the company Jiajule Kitchen Technology Co. Ltd, of Guangdong (China). She is still an external consultant for the Research & Innovation Foundation of Cyprus.
In 2022, in collaboration with Staron®, the project of a centerpiece was presented at the Milan Design Week, in Brera and Tortona.
Here the full CV, available also in linkedin.


Aesthetics, technique, research. These are my keywords for each project, which are always strongly inspired by the client’s personality and context. Each project is unique, and responds to needs and problems in the best possible way.

Rather, it is a question of giving more emphasis to research, rather than obeying fixed rules

Luigi Ghirri

The client is consulted and involved throughout the whole process, in a way to be able to understand and decide together.

How do I create a design? How is the communication with clients? Read more in this article


feb 2024 – selection of the project Casa BVM for an article dedicated to kitchens

Milano Home
jan 2024 – speech at the event “I nuovi luoghi dell’abitare” organized by Platform. Selected project: Casa BVM

Cosentino blog
may 2023 – interview dedicated to the design method and the villa in Mariano Comense

Folder Online
apr 2023 – article dedicated to the project BVM house

Cosentino press releases
dec 2022 – press releases for Dekton dedicated to the MCO project – part 1 (,;

Folder Online
dic 2022 – article dedicated to the project Home in Valtournenche

Edicom + Cosentino
oct 2022 – webinar dedicated to my designing approach as an architect, with a focus to the project Villa a Mariano Comense (MCO)

Folder Online
oct 2022 – selected a photo of casa BVM for the online article dedicated to the evolution of interior architecture

sept 2022 – number 101, article dedicated to the project Villa a Mariano Comense (MCO) – page 24

aug 2022 – selection of the project casa BVM and publication in social medias

Radio Canale Italia
jul 2022 – radio interview for the Story Time series, dedicated to professionals and their stories

Design Week Milan 2022
jun 2022 – exposition at ROS showroom (Tortona) and Casa Platform (Brera) of the project for a centerpiece, realized in Staron material by Lotte Chemicals.

Design Interior Homes Magazine / De Community
jun 2021 – selection of projects with Instagram publication

Seminary: La facoltà di architettura e il lavoro di architetto
oct-nov 2020 – three training orientation meetings, explaining the Faculty of Architecture and the work of Architect, for the students of the Educandato Statale Emanuela Setti Carraro dalla Chiesa, Milano.

Lotte Chemical  / Staron Solid Surfaces by Samsung
feb 2020 – 2° prize for the design of a new sink with Staron material, Tom Vac Sink

Interni Magazine
feb 2020 – article about Home in Valtournenche and post about it in facebook

jan 2020 – selection of the project Home in Valtournenche for an article about kitchen/living
nov 2019 – interview for the collaboration with Jiajule Kitchen Technology Co. Ltd.

Futurs Durables / Futuri sostenibili / Futuros Sostenibles
apr/nov 2015 – participation with the project Recycled Theater at the traveling exhibit of L@bCity (Paris, Màlaga, Marseille, Agrigento, Palermo, Reggio Calabria, Bordeaux, Seville)

// last but not least: the clients’ feedbacks.