Definitely a strong combination, or a flight of the imagination. But, Renzo Piano’s design sketches remind me very much of Georges Mathieu’s works. Beyond the correspondence of vertical / oblique lines of the works compared here (deliberately chosen to emphasize the comparison), I find that there are similarities in the compositional style of their works.

left: Renzo Piano’s sketch for Rome Auditorium.
right: Georges Mathieu “Hommage à Robert Le Pieux”, 1958

Everything seems to revolve all around a fulcrum (sometimes composed of one, two or three masses), from which lines – important as much as the more concentrated part – free themselves towards the outside. There are also different thicknesses and textures that guide the eye from one line to another.

left: Renzo Piano’s sketch for Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center
right: Georges Mathieu (1950/60)

And no, not all architects use the same style. Take a look at the works of Alvaro Siza and Steven Holl:

left: sketch of Alvaro Siza
right: sketch of Steven Holl

There will almost certainly be no a documented and tangible link, probably they are only “sons” of the same time.

Certainly, they are both extraordinary.

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