It is a nice walk because it is very varied and lets feel different atmospheres, even if – spoiler – it doesn’t leave much space for shopping.

But you won’t miss the food, promise.


Shenzhen Bay Park subway station

walk along the bay: enjoying the park, the panorama of the Shenzhen skyline, the nearby metropolises and Hong Kong.

Shenzhen Bay
© Virginia Lorello

A mandatory stop is to reach the Overseas Chinese Town on the other side of the road: a well-defined area (clusters for professionals) where you can enjoy a pleasant contemporary masterplan experiment. Architecture and landscape are well articulated and studied in unison, to return surprising points of view, to impress the visitor. Indeed, it has been classified by the China National Tourism Administration as an “AAAAAA scenic area”.

And, last but not least, it is a very useful opportunity to stop and find a quick refreshment from the sultry heat. Unfortunately, there are no local / typical restaurants, leaving space for international proposals.

Overseas Chinese Town / Beizhoushan
© Virginia Lorello


OCT – Overseas Chinese Town subway station

Continue waliking towards the north (walking or by metro if you wish, calculate your time) to OCT LOFT – a district dedicated to artistic installations of various kinds: in the open air, in special contemporary metal architectures or industrial pavilions in disused. Very similar and inspired by the post-industrial style of the artistic districts in the major European capitals (see Berlin, Paris, Milan, some Dutch cities, etc.).

© Virginia Lorello

As written before, the composition of this district is not very original or typical, but if you are hungry for contemporary architecture and in general for emerging artistic realities, you will appreciate it very much. Walking around a little bit, you can find interesting Cantonese restaurants or dedicated to more particular Chinese ethnies.

© Virginia Lorello


Shawei subway station

We stopped here by mistake.
But I still recommend adding it to the trip (or, if not this, at least another residential area).

somewhere in Shawei
© Virginia Lorello
as before, but to the right
© Virginia Lorello

It is the dark side of the moon, the other face of what you have seen before and what you are going to see. The neighborhood is modest, a bit poor, but it gives you the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the “megalopolis” that we see in documentaries, the city markets and the narrow streets filled with tiny shops full of food.

under the striped building
© Virginia Lorello


Futian subway station

Now the best part: if you can, take for rent an Ofo (if it isn’t failed yet) or Mobike – yes, do you remember? They are chinese.
Cycling throught the skyscrapers of Futian area is extremely relaxing and funny, but you have to be careful: they are mad driving. There are no rules, sudden crossings, guides against traffic. But I am alive, you can be able too.

my travel guide, Shai Kunis, aboard an Ofo
© Virginia Lorello
SBF Tower: Hans Hollein & Christoph Monschein
© Virginia Lorello

There are various gems hidden among the buildings of Futian … the highest tower in Shenzhen (one of the highest in the world, the “Ping An Finance Center”); a BIG skyscraper rippling its surface with a wave, the very beautiful one by Hans Hollein you see above and so on. Bring your smartphone with you.

such a beauty, eh?
© Virginia Lorello

End of the day in Citizen Square, in front of the Citizen Center (or Civic Center). Scenographic parade ground but much more rigorous than the morning panorama.

Don’t do like me, and stay up to 9 p.m. to enjoy the spectacular light show, in which all the skyscraper of the skyline are involved with plays of light. Yes, it is beautiful also like that, with the interior lighting, but take a look at this video.

Last day-hours for the Citizen Center
© Virginia Lorello
Citizen Center just before 9 pm
© Virginia Lorello

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  1. wow (。•ᴗ-)_
    this is a great blog and very well written..
    I would also add the Hakka minority restaurant we visit at OCT-LOFT industrial creative park… 普语堂
    although there are many choices of western restaurants around, it was nice to find an authentic cuisine…
    Hope to see you often and show you more cities around China 👍🏼

    1. that’s the minority name I was searching for, thank you Shai! And thank you also for the rest of the comment 🙂
      I hope that I will have the chance to be a guide for you also in Italy!

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